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IF YOU LIKE FRESH VEGETABLES YOU WILL KNOW THAT THE SEASON NEVER REALLY ENDS.  We are either looking at seeds, starting seeds, planting germinated seeds, tending plants, and finally harvesting, enjoying, freezing, canning and eventually enjoying again as we start looking at seed catalogs.  What a wonderful cycle.  Here at Lancaster Floral Design and Garden Center, we do the same thing. PLUS, we share with our customers the fruits of our labor.

We offer Harts Organic Seeds to get you started as well as the wonderful compost and loam to amend your garden beds. We offer mulches to help keep the moisture in and the weeds out.

We offer starter veggie and herb plants.  Tomato starter plants

On our farm we plant a wide variety of veggies that we advertise for sale on our street informational sign as they become fresh and ready to pick.

The assortment includes: tomatoes, squashes, beans, carrots, and corn and more.  So stop by and purchase fresh locally grown produce and know you are getting the very best.


A nice selection of Herbs is available to use in your favorite recipees.   See our herb planters.  Bring one home for your kitchen window and use them all winter long!


Garlic Sets available in the fall, Onion and Potatoes in the spring.


FRUITS : Strawberries, Blueberries, Raspberries, Edible Crabs, Apples, Pears & Plums

Each Spring/early Summer we offer a nice selection of Organic Hart’s Seeds.

Plant any and all of these in your composted garden or raised bed.

Use our loam compost mix as a base in a raised bed or to amend your soil with our compost, that is approved for certified organic use, and your garden will stand the best chance of flourishing with minimal weeds.

We recommend also using a layer of our mulch that would add an additional layer of protection against weeds.

See our Compost and Mulch sections for more details.


Come by and see what we have in stock for your pantry harvest this year.    Big Boy and Yellow Boy Tomatoe

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