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 Nine Bark  Weigelia

Great options for your lawn’s special spot. 

Shrubs: A woody plant of relatively low height, having several stems arising from the base and lacking a single trunk.Shrubs are visually interesting with foliage, color, texture and flowers at different times during the growing season and offer many choices for different conditions in the landscape. The many sizes offer solutions to a myriad of situations that need camouflaging or enhancing. Tell us your situation and we can help you find the right plant for your garden and landscaping needs.

Sold in 3 and/or 5 gallon pots

Evergreen Non-blooming shrubs:

Pine Mugo
Spruce Dwarf Alberta

Blooming Shrubs:

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Hydrangea Lilac Rose
Lilac Viburnum Spirea
Forsythia Dogwood Wegiela
Rhododendron Ninebark Winter Berry


Fruit Bearing:

Blueberry  Raspberry   Blueberries


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