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ANNUALS – plant living only one year or season.   Available here as Hanging Plants or 4-1/2” Pots

Recommended uses: Add an annual to any area of your Home, Lawn, Vegetable or Floral garden or along a pathway. Also nice in pots.


Hang them from your porch, fencing, wrought iron lawn post, or tree branch.
They add a splash of color for curb appeal.
Re-pot them into a decorative wrought iron hanger or pot for more impact.

4-1/2″ Pots:

These are so easy to pop into the ground: Around a fence post, Along a path or driveway, Amongst your vegetables, Next to already bloomed or later blooming perennials for fill in color. Re-pot these as a collection of their own or in conjunction with a larger annual or perennial in a wrought iron railing hanger, in a decorative pot that can be put anywhere you need a splash of fun. Many of these annuals will be able to adapt to become a lovely house plant with the right light and watering.

To name a few:


Begonias Ivy Geraniums Petunias

4-1/2” Pots:

Pansies Marigolds Dianthus

We also sell Vegetables and Herbs




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