Farm Stand

We grow beautiful produce ~We have the first corn of the season growing in our greenhouse (usually available by 4th of July!), carrots, beets, juicy tomatoes in all the colors of the rainbow, cucumbers, green and wax beans, onions, many varieties of summer and winter squashes, garlic, peppers, and a collection of lettuces.  Our chickens lay fresh eggs year round.  Our own Gale Brown uses our vegetables and locally grown fruit to make home-canned sauces, pickles, and jams.  We have the best local honey and maple syrup. Whether it’s breakfast, lunch, or dinner we have something to give your meal that local flavor you’re craving.  Swing by or give us a call at 603-788-3311 to see what’s in.  Or you can take a look at our Facebook page.

Check out Preston compacting the dirt floor of our farm stand.  He and Cody have also pressure-washed the greenhouse windows and all the tables.  It’s looking gorgeous and sparkly!