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Meet the owners:  Todd and Gale Brown and Preston and Lucy Colby

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Our Pot-in-Pot nursery has grown significantly each year with improvements to the wintering process that keeps perennial potted specimens safe through our harsh winters. We stock a wide array of plants that are sold during the growing season from our 15,000sq. Ft. front display area.

Composting is an important part of our business. Composting with a compost turner, star screen and 30,000 sq ft. compost pad allows us to achieve high temperatures in our windrows. Our compost is approved for Certified Organic use in N.H. and Vt.

Our Kiln Dried Firewood business is keeping many North Country homes warm through our long winters. Green wood, provided by local harvesters is cut and split by a Firewood Processor that drops the wood into specially designed metal bins that are in turn put into our Kiln to dry. The Kiln dries the wood to 20% moisture content, or less that is considered Certified Heat Treated.

In 2012 Preston, Todd and helpers put up the new High Tunnel green house. The first season provided a wonderful harvest of tomatoes and peppers. 2013 we are adding an extensive planting of squashes and adding fruit to our harvest of produce for sale in the store.

 High Tunnel